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Our project was to design a product on CTC BASED LED PRODUCT DESIGN based on the principle of color temperature change. It includes the feature of dimming so that all variants of CTC can be observed.

Although there are varieties of products, yet lot of space is available to develop enhanced model or mood lighting LED lamps. Hence we focused more on developing a working model of remote controlled CTC LED Lamp.

Remote control feature allows a wide variety of operating range. The design consideration for us was to minimize the cost of the product and maximize the efficiency and quality of the product.



International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research

© 2014 by IJSER Journal

Volume  5 - Number 422

Year of Publication: 2014

Authors: Alan Janson,Vinayak Bhogan, Akash Name & Julie Dsouza



Article: International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (422-430),Volume 5, Issue 8, August-2014 (ISSN 2229-5518) based on Efficient Power Management Technique Of Multicore Architecture For Real Time Visual Data




With increasing need of higher computational capacity and speed for visual data such as images & videos, Multicore computing technology has become a viable solution. Graphite multicore architecture simulator provides a necessary parallel computing environment not only for computational test but also optimized modelling. This paper discusses about the efficient model for multi-core architecture based on image processing algorithm incorporating both Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) & concept of heterogeneity.





International Journal of Computer Applications

© 2013 by IJCA Journal

Volume 81 - Number 14

Year of Publication: 2013

Authors: Alan Janson,Vinayak Bhogan & Dhananjay Patel



Article: Simulation and Comparison of Various Lossless Data Compression Techniques based on Compression Ratio and Processing Delay. International Journal of Computer Applications 81(14):31-35, November 2013. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA. BibTeX




With increasing need to store data in lesser memory several lossless compression techniques are developed. This paper intends to provide the performance analysis of lossless compression techniques over various parameters like compression ratio, delay in processing, size of image etc. It provides the relevant data about variations in them as well as to describe the possible causes for it. It describes the basic lossless techniques as Huffman encoding, run length encoding, arithmetic encoding and Lempel-ziv-welch encoding briefly with their effectiveness under varying parameters. Considering the simulation results of grayscale image compression achieved in MATLAB software, it also focused to propose the possible reasons behind differences in comparison.


© 2014 by Alan Janson

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