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International Robotics Challenge


We participated in an event IRC i.e International Robotics Challenge and we have got 4th place in the international level representing an INDIAN team .


1st-Sri Lanka


3rd-sri Lanka

4th-India[Our team]


we defeated Nepal, France, 1 Indian team and Indonesia one by one and qualified to semi-final.We lost our semi-final match against Sri Lankan team[1st].

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Encore 2014



Implementation of Image Processing algorithm in Multicore Architecture using software Graphite Multicore. In this project we have proposed a new multicore model for better power management and have generated results based on this model and have compared with the existing multicore model 

Indo US Robo League 2014


2nd in INDO-US ROBO League 2014 in Line Follower competition [National Level] at IIT Bombay and had qualified for ROBOGAMES, USA - WORLD'S LARGEST ROBOT COMPETITION

Digital Protractor



Digital protractor’ is a device that measures angle using microcontroller & ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) interfacing. It uses linear potentiometer for measuring angle in form of voltage. Using a mechanical arm, potentiometer is controlled and angle can be set. It gives a precise value of angle with the help of linear potentiometer. 

Indo US Robo League 2013


4th in INDO-US ROBO League 2013 in Line Follower competition [National Level] at IIT Bombay.

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Presented power talk on Future of Big Data in security at Paladion Networks.

Conducted Fireeye and Malware  training for my colleagues from Paladion Networks at client site.


Also I have conducted various Robotic workshop such as Level 1 Robotics at KEM Aavishkaar12-GSMC, parel and Line Follower Workshop (Linfomatrix) at DBIT, kurla. I have conducted Other Workshops like Proteus workshop, Photoshop workshop and  Calculator workshop


Portable Charger


This was my project for the IEEE technical paper presentation 2012  in our college don bosco institute of technology,kurla.I got second prize for it.This project give information to charge the mobile phones using a portable charger. Portable charger works on principle of faradays law that is change in magnetic flux produce current [induced current] in the coil. The current produced is used to charge the mobile batteries.This is just a model for explanation and not the real charger. 

Intercollege Project Exhibition



This is my project for the  T ward level held on 16 november , 2009 .The name of are groups was "AIR POWERED CITY" because the whole model[city] runs

on concept of converting pressure of air into electricity. This was an "Environmental Project" and we were graded for pollution free project.

Physics Project



This is my project which is a working model made for a physics exhibition on 2 november,2009 at NES Ratnam Junior College, Bhandup[w]. The concept is

converting pressure of air into electricity.

We got first prize for this project.


Teknack 2013


Appreciated by Mumbai Mirror (Page 8, February 16, 2013 ) for the success of Teknack 2013 for the unique idea of Intercollegiate Online Techfest with International Participation. I was the Publicity Head of Teknack 2013.

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